What’s A Pod-Book? It’s A Kid’s Book With A Matching Podcast!

A pod-book is a kid’s book with a matching podcast, and these are the world’s first! Although there are several kids’ podcasts available on iTunes and elsewhere online, none is accompanied by a book. Greg Wachs has created podcasts where the characters narrate the story, matching each book word-for-word. Layered with an all-original soundtrack and memorable lyrics that complement the story’s optimistic message, the combination becomes a truly unique and moving multi-media experience.

“It’s important that storybooks for children not only keep them entertained, but also present a positive, empowering message,” says Greg. “All my books have cool characters who present an upbeat message, and the free matching podcast tells the story in an entertaining way, complete with a funky, original music soundtrack. The podcast and book work together to help children learn to read by listening to the story while following along in the colorful book.”

The pod-book concept expands on earlier books with accompanying audio versions by taking advantage of cloud technology. In the past, some children’s books came with a recorded version – first vinyl records, then cassettes, and eventually compact discs. This first-of-its-kind pod-book series uses the newest technology – there’s no cassette, CD or DVD that can get lost or broken, and no special equipment needed. The free podcasts can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, on any internet-connected device. No special apps are needed to listen via the Funky Dreamer Storytime website, and the podcasts also are available free on iTunes.

“Imagine the possibilities of a physical book with an accompanying cloud-based audio track – a visually impaired parent or grandparent can share the experience at naptime or bedtime by listening to the podcast as the child follows along in the book,” says Greg. ”Numerous studies show that reading aloud to young children provides a model of fluent, expressive reading, helps develop language and listening skills, stimulates their imagination, prepares them to understand the written word, and expands their vocabulary. Plus, it’s just plain fun!”