About The Author & Creator Greg Wachs

Music has been an integral part of Greg Wachs’ life since he was a youngster, so when he began creating children’s books for his own daughter a year ago, adding a musical element was second-nature. Each of Greg’s pod-books envelops readers within its unique world of imagery, story, rhyme, and song, helps young children learn to read as they follow along, and expands kids’ imaginations through an uplifting and empowering storyline.

Greg lives in West Hollywood, California, sharing a home full of imagination, creativity, music and laughter with his wife Shula and daughter Anabelle Rae. Ever since Anabelle was a baby, Greg and Shula have loved reading books to – and then with – her, so Greg decided to write some books of his own, and share them with the world in the form of podcasts for kids. He calls it Funky Dreamer Storytime because the stories are a bit dreamy, and the music is a bit funky. Each story features a brave and resourceful character who works to find solutions on their own – without the help of an adult – thus empowering kid readers, instilling confidence and out-of-the-box thinking.