Kid's Book Author Greg Wachs Teams Up With His 83-Year Old Step-Mom To Create 'Socktown'

Make sure to check out Socktown, just added to the Funky Dreamer Storytime library. In this fun and imaginative story, a pair of kids are determined to solve the mystery of where of all those socks that go missing from the laundry disappear to. After a night of sleuthing, they go on an adventure and discover Socktown, a magical place behind a waterfall where all the missing socks are dancing the night away at a great big sock party.

Funky Dreamer Storytime founder Greg Wachs teamed up with his step-mom Sharlene to write Socktown, with the bright and fanciful watercolor illustrations created by artist Tatiana Rusakova. To read our press release with all the details about Socktown, click the button.

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Socktown art waterfall pg 10 ragged right.JPG
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