‘Milkshake Mermaid’ Podcast Now Available On iTunes – With A Matching Kid’s Book Available On Amazon!

Listen FREE to the brand-new “Milkshake Mermaid” podcast on iTunes or right here at Funky Dreamer Storytime. The podcast narrates the “Milkshake Mermaid” storybook word-for-word, and the funky music soundtrack and original songs help bring the characters to life, including Kayla the Mermaid, her friends Dava the Dolphin and Wiki the Whale, and the scary Glug King. Like my other books – “Donut the Dragon” and “Anabelle & The Crumbs” – the story features a brave and resourceful main character who works to find solutions on her own, thus empowering kid readers, instilling confidence and out-of-the-box thinking.

Following along in the book while listening to the podcast is also a great way to help kids learn to read…the matching “Milkshake Mermaid” storybook is available now on Amazon.