You Can Teach What You Know

Every time I walk the dog, I want to learn something from my iPhone. I go to Udemy, and listen to courses, I go to youtube and listen to social media experts, I go to iTunes and listen to podcasts. Suddenly that chilling moment that I used to get sitting in my car listening to NPR public radio, where some person is telling the story of their life - this moment starting happening on my dog walks around the neighborhood. "Are you crying?", My Dog would ask. "Who me? No, um, of course not, why would I be crying while walking the dog around the neighborhood? I just got something in my eye, and I was chopping up onions for the tacos we didn't make tonight." "Be Honest", my Dog would say with this silent puppy stare. "Oh, ok dammit! You got me. I confess, I just listened to a podcast about a woman who succeeded against all odds, including an extremely challenging childhood". 

And so it would go. Goosebumps from iPhone media. media Oh, damn, GoDaddy says it's already taken., Ok there we go.

The point is that I am being moved emotionally by people offering content about stuff that they know. We are living in a sharesy waresy World. We share, and we share and we share. damn, that’s taken. that’s available for $1,000. Wow. is on GoDaddy for $78,000. Jesus.

Anyway, we are a sharing economy now. Everyone is sharing stuff they know, because it has value to other people. It moves people. It educates people, it helps people. So I’m writing this blog post to let you know that you can share what you know, and you should share what you know, and you can make money, and feel good, and gain confidence, and help other people. It’s a win-win.

When I started researching how to create a podcast, I learned the most from John Lee Dumas and Kate at, where the first thing John did was send me 15 free videos on, “How To Create A Podacast”. Then I wrote to him and asked him where I could watch a video on how to monetize a podcast, and he wrote, “Check out my course on Udemy.” Huh? What’s Then I discovered Udemy. 

Udemy is an e-learning site where people from all walks of life teach what they know. From Knitting, to Motorcycles, to Health & Fitness to programming languages like the new IOS language SWIFT, and…courses on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Photoshop, Stocks, Investing, Sales Marketing, Journalism, Cooking, Meditation, C, C++, Python, Java, Photography, French, Spanish, and much, much more. It’s basically people teaching what they know.

Then I realized I could teach.

Then I started scripting my first course, called “Enterprise Sales”, (I have a long career of designing technology solutions for large businesses).

Then I started learning a ton, because I was preparing to teach.

Please check out Udemy, and browse some courses, there are a ton of free previews there. Then, think about what you know, and what you are good at. Even if it doesn’t seem like a course, or a topic or a subject. Like knowing a lot about tennis shoes, or a lot about eBay, or a lot about Spinal Surgery. Or cooking a chicken.

You can teach what you know. And you can share what you know.
And you can make money from teaching and sharing. And why not? If you offer knowledge, and people want to pay for that knowledge, that’s a pretty good synergy. :-)

In my next Blog Post, I’ll talk more about how you create a udemy course and how you make money from it, and why it’s so different from posting an educational and informative video on youtube.