Hello everyone, this is Greg, and I’m the creator. I live with my Wife Shula, and my Daughter Anabelle Rae, in West Hollywood, CA, and we have a home full of imagination, creativity, and laughter.

Ever since Anabelle was a baby, we always loved reading kids books, so I decided to write a few of my own, and offer them to the World in the form of podcasts for kids!

I call it Funky Dreamer Storytime because the stories are a bit dreamy, and the music is a bit funky.

Please subscribe, comment, and even leave an idea of your own, who knows maybe we will take your idea, and create a story about a milkshake full of adventure, topped off with…um…talking cherries? You never know what can happen around here!

Thanks again for visiting, and let’s let the Funky Dreamer Storytime adventure begin!

It’s easy, turn out the lights, close your eyes, kick back and enjoy the adventure!

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