Funky Dreamer Storytime Helps 9-Year-Old Girl Realize Her Dream Of Becoming A Published Author With The Recent Release Of 'Raising My Baby Sister' On Amazon

In addition to being an author and musician who produces kid’s books and podcasts - and currently offers seven popular children’s books on Amazon (and here on - Funky Dreamer Storytime founder Greg Wachs is dedicated to helping aspiring authors make their dream of publishing their own book into a reality. Most recently, Greg worked with 9-year-old Marrissa Martinez, a big sister who wrote an engaging story aimed at teaching other kids her age the best ways to help their parents bring up a new baby. Raising My Baby Sister is a colorful and engaging storybook written by Marrissa and illustrated by artist Ksenia Yanenko. It was just released on (and right here on our website) and this week news outlets have published articles promoting the new release.

Read all about Raising My Baby Sister in these news articles:

Just Released on Amazon: ‘Raising My Baby Sister Kid’s Book by 9-Year-Old Big Sister Marrissa Martinez

Just Released on Amazon: ‘Raising My Baby Sister" Children’s Book Written by 9-Year-Old Big Sister

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In Raising My Baby Sister’s 11 short chapters, Marrissa touches on all facets of life with a new baby in the family, and offers loads of tips that can help older siblings learn how to share the joy of raising a baby and build a loving relationship their younger sister or brother. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Marrissa’s story once you share this engaging, educational and beautifully illustrated kid’s book with your children!

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